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Dentistry at the Promenade

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When you think of tooth fillings, you might picture ugly metal fillings that mar the look of your teeth. At Dentistry at the Promenade in the Mission Valley area of San Diego, California, you can put that old image to rest because tooth fillings are tooth-colored, giving you a completely natural appearance. Call Estela Caeg-Bustamante, DMD, and the team of dental professionals or book online to get your natural tooth restorations now.

Fillings Q & A

What is a filling?

A filling is a small restoration that replaces a decayed portion of your tooth. Fillings stop decay from spreading further within your tooth. The Dentistry at the Promenade team always uses tooth-colored resin fillings, a blend of glass and plastic particles, because they’re very natural looking. With them, nobody can even see that you have a filling. 

How do I know if I have cavities?

In most cases, the Dentistry at the Promenade team discovers cavities during an exam or cleaning. Of course, not all cavities are easily seen with the naked eye, which is why digital X-rays are such an integral part of your regular preventive dental care. 

Depending on the amount and location of decay, your provider creates a tooth restoration plan for you. Usually, this means a filling, but in some cases, you might need a more extensive procedure like root canal therapy. You’ll return to Dentistry at the Promenade at another time to get your filling.

What can I expect when I get fillings?

Your Dentistry at the Promenade provider first administers an anesthetic to numb your tooth. If you experience serious dental anxiety or fear of needles, speak to your provider about nitrous oxide or oral sedation. The team always wants to make sure you’re comfortable before getting started.

Your provider uses specialized dental tools to remove the decay from your tooth, but you won’t feel anything during this process. Once all decay and bacteria are gone, your provider cleans the area and applies the composite resin. The composite resin bonds directly to your tooth and your provider shapes it to fit the tooth perfectly. Then, they use a blue or ultraviolet light to harden the resin to your tooth. 

What happens after I get a filling?

You’ll have some residual numbness for a few hours after your filling appointment. Until the anesthesia wears off, avoid hot or cold beverages (room temperature water is fine), and don’t eat on the side where you got the filling. 

It’s not unusual to have some sensitivity to extreme temperatures for a few weeks after getting your new filling. Other than that, you’ll return to normal quite quickly. If you experience pain when eating, don’t hesitate to reach out to Dentistry at the Promenade.

Dentistry at the Promenade is dedicated to painless fillings that look beautifully natural. Make your appointment by phone or by using online scheduling now.