Forms-FinancialThe American Dental Association recommends that everyone visit a dentist at least every six months. At Dentistry at the Promenade, Dr. Estela E. Caeg-Bustamante encourages anyone who has not seen a dental professional recently to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. For some new patients, the experience can cause some nervousness. As a premier Mission Valley dentist office, we believe that knowing what to expect can relieve much of this tension. This is why we strive to fully educate our patients of their circumstance and potential treatments options.

Our Initial Examination

In general, a first visit includes a thorough examination that lasts approximately one hour. Dr. Caeg-Bustamante inspects the mouth, gums, and teeth closely for any potential problems. Members of our team provide educational materials, as well as instruction for proper oral hygiene. Often a complete cleaning is also conducted, allowing the dentist and hygienists to evaluate oral health. Following the examination, Dr. Caeg-Bustamante outlines treatment options as needed.

Essential Information

Before the examination begins on your first visit, we ask that all new patients fill out the proper paperwork. While waiting to be called back, you can complete the following:

  • Insurance forms
  • New patient forms
  • Privacy statements

If desired, we also offer our new patient forms online that can be completed at home prior to your visit:

As a quality San Diego dentist, we want our patients to feel comfortable at our office. We make it a priority to obtain as much information as possible before starting treatment in order to provide comprehensive and effective results. Our forms allow us to provide information about our office while also gathering health information on which we may base the treatment used.  

Schedule Your Consultation Today

Dentistry at the Promenade strives to bring our patients in Mission Valley and surrounding San Diego communities the highest quality of dental care.  If you have any questions or concerns, our friendly staff is here to assist you. Simply contact us at 619-574-0205 to schedule an appointment. As always, we look forward to seeing you smile!